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Our customer testimonials

“Both my children have learnt to swim with Big Waves, they always look forward to their lessons. The instructors are great and clearly get results whilst the children have fun learning.”

Thanks, Sam.


“The excellent teachers Sophie and Duncan, have given both my children the confidence they need to swim by themselves and progress without swimming aids. The classes are fun and we look forward to coming every week.”

Thank you, Kerrie Hodges


"Marian, we have been very impressed by the quality and standard of teaching. The teachers are fantastic to each child. We were recommended by friends and as time has gone on, we too have recommended Big Waves to others.”



"Thank you Marian for the Adult Stroke Improvement lessons, I was able to compete in my first triathlon this summer having never swum front crawl before."



"Our children have been learning with Big Waves Swim School since they were toddlers and are now very confident swimmers. The swim teachers really get the children to concentrate on their technique, but ensure they have a lot of fun as well. I highly recommend Big Waves Swim School."


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We are pleased to say our long list of happy customers is ever growing! Read through the latest customer testimonials left for us below.

Happy customers!

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